Custom Installations

Custom Installations For Luxury Yachts, Private Boats & Commercial Vessels

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, K & G Marine Welding specializes in custom marine products to enhance the appearance, function, and ergonomics of your fishing boat or luxury yacht. K & G Marine is quality driven, and utilizes the finest anodized aluminum in the industry.

Besides custom designs and metalworks, K & G Marine specializes in a wide range of custom installations on yachts of all sizes. Regardless what area needs work or upgrades, our marine engineers will make it happen. When K & G Marine works on a custom installation for your yacht, you know that you’re getting a unique, custom, in-house build and design that will serve you well for years to come.

Here at K&G Marine, we can install any custom-made or repaired parts on to your vessel both quickly and efficiently. We excel at installing:

  • Hatch decks
  • Transom Doors
  • Pipes
  • Ladders
  • Extensions
  • Winches
  • Rails
  • And so much more…

Custom Metal Designs

Tight spaces and strict deadlines are some of our favorite challenges, which K & G Marine overcomes on a daily basis. If you need a highly functional sea chest that can handle a ton of raw water, K & G Marine will build it for you. We believe there is virtually no custom yacht installation that can’t be brought to life. Here at K & G Marine, we hold ourselves accountable for each and every aspect of a custom installation, and will conquer every obstacle with professionalism and expertise.

The highest quality stainless steel hardware is used to complete the installation. All work is tailored to our exacting standards, and we guarantee our workmanship. All products are carefully hand welded for an exceptional finish. We believe that there is no excuse for sacrificing true quality, and we always deliver quality results.

Custom Welding & Sheet Metal Fabrication

If you’ve got a vision for a custom welding job, K & G Marine has the skills to make your dream a reality. Once each From projects as large as thru-hull stainless steel fittings and hull plate repairs, to the intricacies of your vessel’s aluminum handrails, our K & G Marine specialists will impress you with their creative and efficient ways to get the job done. We are constantly expanding our capabilities and never settle for anything less than excellence.